Black White-Lipped python - Leiopython meridionalis

This medium sized python has an average adult length of 5-8’. This python comes from the lowland areas on the Southern half of the Island of New Guinea. There are also notes suggesting this species also inhabits some islands in the Torres Strait. This stunningly iridescent pattern less species is mostly all black with some specimens displaying a lighter silver-Blue color but the head remains Black. The stark white scales along the lip contrast greatly with the dark black face and also give the snake its common name. I find these to be one of the most stunning pythons in the hobby. They are usually much more tractable than the Gold species as well as being quite a bit more robust. Very few keepers peed this challenging species and more work needs to be done to get more CB specimens consistently available to python enthusiasts.

Currently I keep one pair of this very hard to find species.


Gold White-Lipped python - Leiopython albertisii

A medium size python averages 5-7’ as an adult. In nature they come from the lowland areas on the Northern half of the Island of New Guinea including the same habitat on the Birds Head peninsula. This is yet another stunningly iridescent pattern less species with a black head and stark white lips. The sides of the body are a deep rich golden color that gradually turns to a darker brownish shade as it goes over the back. Very nice specimens do not darken as much along the spine and maintain the nice gold color throughout the entire body. These snakes are considered to be high strung and more prone to biting but with care full handling you can enjoyably handle many specimens. This species sadly is not often bred in captivity but imported specimens are somewhat readily available.

Currently I keep a fairly tractable pair of these stunning snakes.