Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa - Corralus batesii

Basin Emeralds are small to medium sized boas with adults averaging 3-6’. This species is found in the lowland jungles encompassing a large portion of the Amazon River Basin from the southern portions of Surinam, Guyana, and Venezuela to Colombia, Peru and Brazil This snake makes an impression with its bright Yellow belly, deep emerald green body and stark white pattern centered along the spine with bars and triangles coming of the white stripe. The amount of white pattern varies quite a bit from snake to snake. Most specimens of this species are mellow in contrast to its northern cousin and most can be handled with relative ease. If you follow a few basic husbandry practices these snakes are not as hard to maintain as is widely reported. These are one of the most splendid and iconic of all the reptile species.

My Group ~ I keep a small group of these amazing snakes.