Lesser Sundas python - Malayopython timoriensis

This medium size python averages 6-8’ as an adult. Unfortunately the name Timor python has stuck with this species even though they do not occur on the island of Timor. The known range of this species is on the islands of Lomblen, Adonara, Solor, and Flores which are found in the Lesser Sundas archipelago. They may be present on other islands but in depth reptile surveys are lacking for the region. This visually stunning species is very intricately colored and patterned as well as highly iridescent. The anterior background color is a light gold-brown that gradually darkens as it goes over the spine that is covered with lighter gold splotches and speckles that gradually fades posterior until the color becomes a nearly uniform dark chocolate brown. Recently DNA work showed that this species is very closely related to the Reticulated python clade and the group warranted being separated from the genus python. This species is rarely kept and captive breeding’s are still very uncommon. I find this species to be one of the most visually stunning of all the pythons.

My Group ~ I keep a pair of these rather unique pythons.