Woma python - Aspidites ramsayi

This small to medium sized python averages 3-5’ as an adult over most of its range with an exception being that the southeastern form can grow to over 8’. This snake is found throughout much of the arid central portions of Australia from the west coast of West Australia, through the southern portion of the Northern Territory, the northern portion of South Australia, southwestern Queensland, and northwestern New South Wales. Another population was found in southwestern West Australia but the species may no longer be present in that region. The look of this species varies considerably throughout its range but overall it has a banded appearance with base colors of light brown to cream with bands of that can range from deep orange-red to dark brown. The head is a pattern less orange to yellow with most specimens showing varying amounts of black over the eyes as well as possibly over the top of the head. bright colors and ease of keeping makes this species one of the finest captives any keeper could ask for.

My Group ~ Currently I keep several pure bloodlines of this outstanding species.


Black headed python - Aspidites melanocephalus

This medium to large python can be any were from 5-9’ based on the origin of the founding stock. The smallest specimens are found along the west coast and the largest specimens are found in the eastern portion of their range. This species is found along the northern third of Australia as well as a population that extends down along the coast from the Kimberley and into the Pilbara region of West Australia. Coloration like size varies across its range but all specimens have the Jet Black head that gives the species its common name. Background colors vary widely with white, brown, yellow-orange, or cream being fairly common. The contrasting bands appear in shades of Black, reddish-orange, and or dark brown. This species displays some very interesting behaviors along with a neat appearance making it highly sought after by python aficionados.   

My Group ~ Currently I maintain a small group of the highly contrasting western form.