Forms of payment I accept are:

  • pay pal
  • Bank Check
  • Money Orders
  • Wire Transfers
  • personal Checks

If using pay pal there may be additional fees depending on the individual order details. personal checks will be required to clear before the order will be shipped. payment plans are welcome and I work with each customer to tailor a plan that works for all parties. If after a payment schedule is established and agreed upon failure to follow through with the terms can result in termination of the plan and no monies will be refunded. please keep those terms in mind before agreeing to a payment plan.

Shipping carriers I use are Fedex (priority overnight) and Delta DASH. If you would like me to ship Fedex, I prefer to ship your order to be held at your closest Fedex facility. Shipping in this manner limits the time your order spends in the back of a delivery truck and at most locations the package will be available for pickup far earlier than if home delivery is chosen. I ship weekdays Monday - Wednesday on an agreed upon date that works for all parties. I pride myself on prompt timely shipping at the completion of an order but weather, local disruptions, and holidays can cause delays. Be assured I will do my best to get you your order as soon as possible but my #1 concern is for the animals.

Shipping fees vary depending on location, size of package, and the shipping carrier but they will be figured out prior to completion of the order. The fees will either be paid for by the customer and prior to shipping or by me depending on our purchase agreement.   

I guaranty live arrival as well as your satisfaction. Failure to be home when your package is delivered or failure to pick up your package within a reasonable time from the Airport or Fedex location can cause a loss of the live arrival guaranty. If there is an issue with your package or you are unhappy with the product you will have 24 hours to report it.

I strive to provide the best customer service I can and I will be available long after every sale.

please feel free to contact me at your convenience using the information below.